When I accepted the fact that we live in a world where no body is ever “good” enough, I realized all the judgements I’ve ever had for my body have simply been learned from external sources.

I designed this project because I believe self love and acceptance can begin from intense internal investigation and perhaps un-learning what we have been told to despise about our truly exquisite physical selves. Yoga can serve as a tool towards personal bodily respect. 

I simply asked the participants to share some of the stories about their unique relationships with their bodies. You may relate to their perspectives, or you may not. The Storytellers are people I know personally from different areas of my life, and their stories do not represent all possible viewpoints or experiences. 

My hope is that this project will start a conversation about the many struggles we can face by simply having a body, and inspire the fact that we can work together to change the body shaming paradigm that rules the majority of mainstream culture today.

My name is Emma Bell and I am 21 years old. I obtained my 200hr RYT certification through Yoga Oasis in Tucson, Arizona. I am currently training with Jeniffer Zimmerman to be an All Bodies Rise Yoga (ABRY) recognized yoga teacher. For more information on ABRY, visit allbodiesriseyoga.com.